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I experienced spectacular success with them a several a long time in the past.

I will not know what I did in different ways. will obtain a pic. Red-flowering Currant ( Ribes sanguineum )there are a number of of these in the park throughout the road (Camden Gardens)close-up of the flowers.

Red Bistort ( Persicaria amplexicaulis)close-up of just one of the flowers. Rosa rugosa. This is in my front backyard and I have been assuming this is rosa rugosa but I am going to observe the hips (which I comprehend are unique) this calendar year to validate. And also smell it.

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Maybe it really is rosa rubiginosa? It really is amusing I can’t keep in mind know what hips it has. Rudbeckia.

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I’m scared I will not know which 1 specfically. close-up of a rudbeckia bud. Russian Vine ( Fallopia aubertii)This trailing shrub is developing in excess of the wall around the bus cease spherical the corner from me. I’m scared I’m a tiny late photographing it as the bouquets have typically turned into seed pods. Many thanks to Michael (on FB) who recognized this.

viewed from the other facet it can be found how in depth it is. an even broader watch eleven-9-2017. It was hard getting first rate near-up pictures in that condition so I experienced to consider some bouquets off and carry them property to photograph.

flowers with 3 inner white petals and three outer petals with environmentally friendly stripes, 8 stamens (some anthers have damaged off)all the anthers on the remaining flower have damaged off, the environmentally friendly seed is forming in the middle. 3-sided seed pods. Sage ( Salvia officianalis )I observed this in east London 17-6-2018 in a entrance backyard.

I was not way too confident of this id but I assume it is sage, more substantial than we normally see and in flower. close-up of the sage bouquets. Salvia Amistad. a stunning flower, disgrace about the scaffolding (Whitechapel 14-nine-2017)Salvia ‘Hot Lips’Salvia Splendens.

I observed this in Regent’s Park mid-November 2018. Scabious. scented leaf geranium. I now have one more not known seedling which I’m questioning is a different ivy leaved geranium, I will have to pot it up and see. this image was taken finish of Sept, the past just one under was taken in March. at a person position this was in the weed manual as an unfamiliar weed but as it’s designed it is really plainly a scented leaf geranium, which I did have at a person place in the garden but it died, I did not know they self-seeded but they will have to do as it is plainly below in one of my pots!sea holly ( Eryngium)this was in July when the sea holly was in bloom, these were being vegetation I ordered as I had trouble equally growing from seed and purchasing modest vegetation from the garden centre but I did collect seed from these and managed to have sea holly flowers the next calendar year, I have also had issues with slugs which feel to adore sea holly. grown from the collected seed.

some of my fewer profitable attempts:end of October small plant from previous calendar year, under no circumstances flowered, not sure what the secret is to getting them to flower. in one more pot, this is a small plant from this calendar year which did not flower, proven in situ in the subsequent pic.

Oct 2015 the pot down below has 3 sea holly vegetation, two flowered (the kinds with the tall flower stems), 1 has not. April 2016 that pot over with the 2 sea holly that appear like they will bloom all over again this yr, wanting to know what will materialize with the 1 at the base. Agave-leaved Sea Holly ( Eryngium agavifolium )saw this in Oct 2018, have to go see it in the spring / summertime subsequent year. agave-leaved sea holly tiny plants. Silverbush ( Convolvulus cneorum)thank you to Mike (FB) who ID’d this. Skullcap (Scutellaria galericulata)I had this in the weed gallery but failed to know what it was. I observed it all over again this week along the canal so made the decision to attempt once again to research what it was and I feel it is skullcap.

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