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The storyline behind a strong picture of a girl’s that is czech for neo-Nazis


The storyline behind a strong picture of a girl’s that is czech for neo-Nazis

It had been a group that is strangely international of marching down the roads of Brno.

Plastered with a graphic of burned-out cars and blaring music that is angry a van led the audience through this ancient town into the Czech Republic on Monday. “Stop multi-kulti experimentum! ” see the words in the van.

Hundreds implemented. Some wore black colored, with shaved minds russian brides and sunglasses. Some waved the green banner of the Slovakian governmental celebration whose users utilized to dress like Nazis and now hold seats in parliament.

Eu flags gashed with red X’s travelled over the audience. A massive banner that is black the German “identitarian” motion — the exact same label utilized by the American white nationalist Richard Spencer.

Whenever a battle or screaming match broke down between your marchers and people whom mocked these with pussy hats and detergent bubbles, completely armored authorities would drag some body away.

Lucie Myslikova, 16, ended up being sitting on the sidelines inside her scout’s uniform with a few friends and handwritten ads: “A good patriot does not Heil. ”

Their terms had been swallowed because of the rally that is passing.

Nevertheless the day that is next a picture of Lucie would be an international sign of defiance against European countries’s increasing far-right movements: for a continent where many worry the heirs to Nazism are collecting energy, within an amateur professional professional photographer’s framework, a teenage scout half smiles when confronted with dark-glassed anger.

Before anyone knew exactly exactly what Lucie had thought to the man — before her title had been also known — she became Girl that is“young Scout against neo-Nazi march” on Reddit, where thousands of individuals voted the picture on the web site’s front page.

Then, she ended up being called a “total hero” on HuffPost. And the BBC had been calling her in school to inquire of if she’d been frightened.

Lucie wasn’t frightened, the Washington was told by her Post. She also told the marcher therefore, when he warned her that “those refugees will rape you, ” the teen recalled in a phone meeting.

“I told him they are fleeing a war, ” Lucie said in Czech. “This is mostly about life. ”

The Brno march was held frequently for longer than ten years, said Miroslav Mares, whom lectures on extremist politics at Masaryk University within the town. The party that is political very first arranged the rally ended up being prohibited by way of a Czech court this season, Mares said, after being connected to Nazi-inspired teams and assaults on minorities.

Now the march is arranged because of the employee’s Party of Social Justice. “It’s a successor of a banned party, ” Mares said, and even though the employee’s Party publicly disavows neo-Nazism, it’s links to extremist groups across European countries and “serves as something of the camp of these militants. ”

Lucie was a Scout for seven years. The organization that is global Brno supply has taken her hiking over the Czech Republic and elements of European countries and taught her to just accept individuals regardless of who they really are or whatever they think, she stated.

She understands that scouting had been prohibited once the Nazis occupied her nation during World War II, she said — and also by the Communists after that.

“I do not believe that it’s the perfect time for the next Hitler, ” Lucie said. But “there are individuals who pay attention to them. They understand neo-Nazis are bad, nevertheless they may concur with a few of whatever they’re saying. ”

Then when the employee’s Party placed on this season’s rally may in Brno, Lucie put on her uniform and went down to the square day.

A large group of counterprotesters — the so-called Brno Blocks — has come out to oppose the rightists for the last several marches. “Some of this militants, they such as this conflict, ” Mares stated.

In 2010, the blockers made a decision to mock the nationalists alternatively, arranging opposition through jugglers, bubble blowers and dancers.

“The scouts began peacefully, playing guitars and drums; I became hopping around and dancing, periodically yelling one thing away, ” Lucie stated. “Some individuals may state we provoked them, but we wished to show they had been saying and against their really existence. We had been against what”

A ring was formed by the marchers in the square and unfurled their ads.

There clearly was one when it comes to employee Party’s youth brigade, whose site condemns the alleged “BombenHolocaust” of German metropolitan areas in World War II.

And there have been flags when it comes to the folks’s Party in Slovakia, whoever frontrunner utilized to clothe themselves in a black colored uniform “reminiscent regarding the Nazi-era Hlinka guard, ” The Post reported a year ago, as soon as the celebration won seats in Slovakia’s parliament for the very first time.

Mares, the Masaryk University lecturer, put these groups on a spectral range of extremism that operates from neo-Nazism to Islamophobia, stretching from France to Russia.

“Whores! ” somebody yelled in Czech during the counterprotesters within the Brno square.

A marcher shoved a guy in a pussy cap, knocking a lady beside him towards the pavement. A guy in a suit climbed a platform and started yelling right into a megaphone, as constant drumming muffled their words.

The employee’s Party president, Tomas Vandas, ended up being planned to talk in the rally. Previously, Mares as soon as composed, Vandas produced message an additional city, and after that demonstrators “tried to attack homes occupied by Roma families. ”

The Roma minority — “gypsy parasites, ” because the Slovakian individuals Party calls them — utilized to be the scapegoat of preference in main European countries, stated Selma Muhic Dizdarevic, whom lectures on politics at Charles University in Prague. “What has grown to become now significantly more prominent is Islamophobia, ” she said. “Muslims, Arabs or Africans, or anybody who want to come right here. ”

Dizdarevic noted that the Worker’s Party holds no energy within the parliament that is czech but she said “their agenda has grown to become mainstreamed” all the method as much as the united states’s president, Milos Zeman, whom stated just last year that it is “practically impossible” to incorporate Muslim immigrants.

As she viewed videos associated with the Brno rally — with officers in complete face helmets pinning counterprotesters to the floor after disruptions — Dizdarevic wondered if European countries’s tilt toward the far right had spread into authorities ranks. “Anything on extreme left is managed swiftly and severely, ” she stated. “On the right that is extreme fundamentally, law enforcement say: we are helpless. ”

Lucie stated she saw a little bit of scuffling through the sidelines but no violence that is major. Nor ended up being she much stressed, she stated, whenever a person having a shaved mind made a beeline toward her and started yelling.

“He would knock into me personally, or grab my buddy’s shirt, ” she said. “But we might simply tell him: you understand you can’t strike us. You cannot harm us. ”

The person had been wanting to persuade her that she must be frightened about waves of immigrants crossing through European countries, Lucie stated.

“Those refugees will rape you, ” she recalled him saying. “Maybe you’re not scared, but I’m afraid for my daughter, her. That they’ll rape”

They went forward and backward for a bit, amid the chanting and drumming and sirens, before authorities herded the counterprotesters down the block.

The employee’s Party possessed a permit for the rally, in the end.

Vladimir Cicmanec, a pc programmer because of the counterprotesters, ended up being snapping photos a few yards away. He’d gone to the blockade in 2015 too, he stated, if the neo-Nazis had a bigger existence.

At Monday’s rally, he stated, the demonstrators was bicyclists that are kicking.

But Cicmanec discovered a various scene: a woman in a scouting uniform, hands stretched wide across an advertising that proclaimed the worth of each and every youngster, smirking at a bald guy’s tirade.

A bubble drifted just above her eyebrow. Cicmanec snapped a photo that is single and from now on the planet understands Lucie’s stance.

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